Mystery Voucher Redemption
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Mystery Voucher Redemption! 🎁

Spend RM200 and above in max 2 same-day receipts at Fashion, Accessories, Kids & Maternity, or Beauty & Personal Care stores (including Metrojaya) to redeem a MYSTERY CASH VOUCHER worth RM50!

Redeem at Info Counter, Ground Floor, LaLaport BBCC.

First come, first served.

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Terms and Conditions for Mystery Voucher Redemption

▪ The redemption will run from 5 July - 4 August 2024.


▪ The campaign is open to all shoppers of LaLaport BBCC.

▪ Participants must spend a minimum of RM200 in a maximum of two (2) same-day receipts at any Fashion, Fashion Items/Accessories, Kids & Maternity, or Beauty & Personal Care Store, including Metrojaya.

Participating Stores

30 degrees | L2-08

6IXTY8IGHT | L1-18A, L1-18B

Adidas Originals | L1-40

Adidas Performance | L3-50

A-Saloon | L3-07

Aigner | G-36

Babyshop | L2-11C, L2-11D

Berfoe | L1-38

Body Glove | L1-47A

Bratpack | L3-32

Brooks, Pressio | L3-56

Calisto | G-38

Calvin Klein | G-61

camel active | G-24, G-25

Chow Tai Fook | G-46

Clarks | L2-20

Cole Haan | G-58
Coloris | L1-20
comcoca | G-06, G-07

Como Studio | L1-65, L1-66

Converse | L3-28

Crocs | G-19A

Curated by CollabStore | G-12A

D'Passions | L3-36

Dapper | L1-28

Delsey | L1-02

Dockers | L1-33

e.pse | G-19B

Evolcare | L1-49

F.O.S | L1-63, L1-64


Forever 21 | L1-58-L1-61

Gaagookids | L2-25

Gatti | L3-13

GShock Casio | L1-26

Hackett London | G-35

Hugo | G-56


IKUKO | L3-05

I-Scent | G-17

IZO Jeans | L1-41

Jadioc Barbershop | L3-08

Jelly Bunny | L1-13D


Kashkha | L1-50

Kickers | L1-32

La Senza | G-29A

Larrie | L1-34

Levi's | G-23


Lucky Gems | L2-44A

Lovisa | L1-35A

M Store Lab | G-41

Max Fashion | L1-14-L1-16

Maxbolt | L3-33

Melissa | G-51

Metrojaya | G-13D

Moto Guzzi and Renoma | L1-57B

Nailed It Manicure & Pedicure | L3-03

Nerve Hunter | L2-46

Oakley | G-22

Optique Paris Miki | L2-26B

Oxwhite | G-03, G-04

Panda Eyes | L2-32, L2-33

Pansy | L2-35

Pierre Cardin Lingerie | L1-36

PONEY | L2-22, L2-23

Private Stitch | L1-17

Recross Hair Studio | L3-02

Red Wing Shoes | G-62

Res Toe Run | L3-29

Rhapsody | G-48

Room8008 | L1-48

Sacoor Blue | G-15D

Sacoor Brothers | G-59
Sacoor One | G-53

Samsonite | G-40B

Shanghai Tang | G-57

Skechers | L3-34

Smart Master | L1-05

SODA | L1-29

Sorella Gallery | L2-58A

SpectacleX | G-13E-1, G-13E-2

Sun Paradise | L3-45

Sunglass & Vision | L1-30

Swarovski | G-31

The Face Shop | L1-51A

The North Face | L3-30

The Under Shop | L1-31

Time Movement | G-43

Tomei | G-45

Travel For All | L2-27

Travel Zone | G-44A

Universal Traveller | L1-10

Vans | L3-54

Veesee Collection | L2-47

Voir Gallery | L1-24, L1-25

Young Hearts | L2-31

Redemption Mechanics

 Shoppers who meet the spending criteria can redeem a Mystery Cash Voucher worth RM50. 
▪ Redemption must be done at the Info Counter located on the Ground Floor (GF).
▪ Redemption is on a first come, first served basis and is subject to availability while stocks last. 

General Conditions

▪ Each eligible shopper is entitled to one (1) Mystery Cash Voucher per day, regardless of the total amount spent.
▪ Mystery Cash Vouchers are non-transferable, non-exchangeable, and cannot be redeemed for cash or other items.
▪ The organizer reserves the right to verify the receipts and the identity of the participants.
▪ The organizer reserves the right to refuse redemption to any participant who does not comply with these Terms & Conditions or engages in fraudulent activities.

▪ The organizer is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged receipts or vouchers.

Privacy and Data Protection

▪ Participants’ personal data will be used solely for the purpose of verifying eligibility for the redemption and will be handled in accordance with the organizer’s privacy policy.

▪ The organizer reserves the right to amend these Terms & Conditions at any time without prior notice. 
▪ Any changes will be posted on the official LaLaport website and social media channels.