SAT K-POP Carnival 2024
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Welcome to the SAT K-POP CARNIVAL, an exhilarating celebration of K-Pop culture, music, and fandom! This event is a must-attend for K-Pop enthusiasts, bringing together fans from all over to share their love for K-Pop idols, music, and the vibrant culture that surrounds it. Here’s what you can expect:

SAT K-POP Carnival Details:

Date: 1 July - 1 September 2024 (Every Friday, Saturday & Sunday)

Time: 12PM - 9PM

Venue: LaLaport BBCC, Level 3

[FREE Admission]

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[SAT K-POP Carnival (SKC) Premium Pass]

What’s Included for SKC Premium Pass:

• Entitled 1 entry to Reflective Seoul: An Immersive Tale (10 July til 8 September).

• 1-hour K Costume Try-on for any costume package.

• Unlimited experience for K Game Experience for each 5 games.

• Exclusive access for Reflective Seoul: An Immersive Tale.

• Exclusive access for K Costume Try-on. 

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Event Highlight:

1. K-pop Listening Party

- Where fans gather to enjoy their favourite K-pop idols music videos and song!


2. Korean F&B

- Enjoy delicious Korean food and snacks at various food stalls. Taste the flavors of Korea while you soak in the carnival atmosphere.

WhatsApp Image 2024-07-04 at 4.02.16 PM.jpeg3. Workshops

- Attend workshops featuring industry experts, choreographers, and handcraft. Learn more about the K-Pop industry, dance techniques, and handcraft culture.

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4. K-Photozone

- Offers visitors a stylish and vibrant backdrop for capturing the perfect K-inspired photos!


5. K-costume Experiences

- Experience the Korean traditional costume and high school uniform!

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6. K-games Experiences

- Dive into the thrilling world of K-Games, a dynamic event celebrating the best of Korean gaming culture!

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7. Immersive Experience

- Step into a whole new world at our Immersive Experience, where you will feel like appear in Korea!

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Reflective Seoul: An Immersive Tale Details:

Date: 10 July 2024 - 8 September 2024 (Everyday)

Time: 12PM - 9PM

Venue: LaLaport BBCC, Level 2
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