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Join us for a vibrant and colorful So Tinge YouthTopia at the Level 4, Central Rooftop Garden @ LaLaport Bukit Bintang CC, KL

Saturday & Sunday Nov 25 & 26 

powered by SoTinge x 


* A Perfect IG Worthy Weekend in KL RoofTop 

* Hot Air Balloons to Insomniacks & Open Air Rock Bands LIVE 

* Kite Flying to Cosplay to K Dance Random Play to Flea Markets

So Tinge #YouthTopia #UnlockImaginasiMu Youth Festival 2023 

🌟 Be Inspired! Follow your Dreams & Stay Forever Young!

Outdoor Insta Worthy Youth Festival. Come & Picnic. Catch the Golden Sunset with KL Skyline - featuring an 80 feet hot air balloon - with you flying over KL inside!  

Live music, Art, Dance, Performances, and more—all in one exciting event! Time to Unlock Imaginasimu 🚀

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1. How do I participate in the hot air balloon experience?

All visitors are welcome for free. To obtain limited tickets for:

(i) Hot Air Balloon Rides

(ii) LaLaSpeed

All participants must go through QR check-in stations at (5) different locations to complete the entire Circuit Tour SoTinge YouthTopia Journey and qualify on a first-come, first-serve basis. The stations for QR check-ins are:

1. Entrance Arch Registration Table Station

2. SoTinge FruityBar Station

3. Become a Meme & Artist Zone Station

4. Fun Fair Games Station

5. KiteFly or Pin Your Wish Station

Those who complete the journey will collect an exclusive tote bag.

Based on a first-come, first-serve basis, those who complete the journey may get tickets for:

(i) Hot Air Balloon Rides

(ii) LaLaSpeed

All ticket holders must register their preferred time slot within the operating hours (informed at the Registration Table) and be present 20 minutes before their Hot Air Balloon Flight or eGoKart Adventure at LaLaSpeed. Any ticket holders not present 20 minutes before their allotted time or who do not sign the indemnity form will have their ticket forfeited. Organizers will not be responsible for contacting the ticket holders. Due to the possibility of forfeited tickets, there may be standby tickets for those who complete their SoTinge YouthTopia Journey later.

2. Are there any entry fees?

Admission is free.

3. There's kite flying? Can I bring my own kite for the kite-flying activity?

Feel free to bring your own kites! If you have a WAU, even better!

No controversial, religious, or political messaging.

No abrasive string material (i.e., cotton string coated with powdered glass).

Must fly within the designated zone (away from the Hot Air Balloon).

4. There's a cosplay contest? How do I participate?

Cosplay performances are on stage. Those who wish to perform just have to inform the organizers at least 30 minutes before any available performance slot. The Cosplay session is only from 12 PM - 4 PM on Sunday, November 26th, 2023. Other than on stage, all cosplayers are welcome to walk around YouthTopia from 11 AM to 10 PM when LaLaPort BB CC KL officially closes.

5. What is the K-pop Random Play Challenge, and how do I participate?

K-Pop Random Play Dance is a challenge where participants showcase their K-Pop dance skills based on popular K-Pop music video choruses. Top performers are selected based on criteria like song count, confidence, and dance accuracy. To participate, you can click here to pre-sign in or register on Sunday, November 26th, 2023. K-Pop Random Play Dance is only held on Sunday, November 26th, 2023, from 4 PM - 7 PM.

How it works:

(a) Participants wait outside the center area before song choruses start.

(b) When the song begins, get in the center and dance.

(c) Once the song ends, get out of the center again. Rinse & repeat!

(d) Two rounds of songs: Selection of Finalists & Final Round

(e) Winners based on criteria of: Amount of songs danced to, confidence & passion, and accuracy of choreography.

There will be (2) categories: Retro & Trending K Songs.

6. Can I paint Graffiti Art or just watch the artist?

You can watch our top Malaysian street artists and witness talented university design students competing for the University Art Prizes. If you're eager to try your hand at art, consider joining our SoTinge x DPI Anchor Spray Paint Workshop experience, available for all participants at RM15. This covers a professional artist teaching session, all art materials, and you'll have the opportunity to take home your own spray-painted masterpiece.

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